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On this page you'll find a few basic Silo modelling tutorials showing various techniques/tricks that can be applied to a variety of situations.

One day I will actually update this page and add some more content - possibly re-doing the videos using more up-to-date compressors. Don't hold your breath though!

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The Codecs: The vids will need either the Techsmith Codec or Flash Player

The Stuff: Click the images to download:

A Coiled Cord

Modelling a coiled cord (eg. for a telephone) in Silo 2. If you have issues viewing the video, try VLC Media Player.

A Simple Cog

This video shows the construction of a simple Cog using the undo selection stack to help make the teeth. Updated 06/06/06

Boolean Free!

Continuing my Silo Basics mission to show you more than one hundred ways to do the same thing — model a cylindrical core into a cube.

Knock a Hole in a Sphere

In response to this post on the Silo forum; here's a quick Video detailing the making of a hole in a sphere.

Create a Thread

This video shows how to create a thread for a screw-cap bottle or something.

Simple Pattern Extraction

This video shows how you can easily extract a pattern (a lattice framework for example) from a grid (or any other) object.

Making Many Holes Without Booleans:

This tutorial shows a quick and easy way of accurately(ish) making more than a few holes in a disc. A break disc, or a Fly Fishing reel as shown in the image left, or whatever.

Making More Holes (no booleans here either)

It seems to be a running theme. In response to this post in the Silo forums - here is a method I came up with for creating a ring or somewhat with holes drilled at equal distance about it.

Rounded Bevels

There's not an automatic way to do this in the current (1.42) version of Silo; but it's pretty easy to do manually.

Vent Holes

What's goin' on? More holes... This goes back quite a way. Again, in response to a post over in the Silo forums - a quick vid to show how a particular part was constructed. I may record this again as the compression is a tad heavy.

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